What to expect on your visit?

On the day of your independent medical examination (IME), you can generally expect a thorough and objective evaluation by a qualified medical professional. Here’s what you might encounter:

Appointment confirmation

You should receive confirmation of your appointment either from our office or your legal representative including the date, time, and location. Make sure you have this information handy.

Arrival and registration

Arrive at the examination location a little early to complete any necessary registration forms or paperwork. You can also download our intake paperwork prior to your visit. Please highlight “Your Visit” and click download intake paperwork.

Documentation review

The examiner may review your relevant medical records, imaging reports, and any other documentation related to the purpose of the examination.

Medical history interview

Expect to provide a detailed medical history, including information about your current condition, past treatments, surgeries, medications, and any other relevant health details.

Physical examination

The examiner will likely conduct a physical examination to assess your current health status. This may involve specific tests related to the purpose of the examination.

Communication of concerns

If you have specific concerns or symptoms, be prepared to communicate them to the examiner. This information helps ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

Additional test
(if necessary)

Depending on the nature of the examination, the medical professional may order additional tests or diagnostic procedures.

Question and answer session

The examiner may ask you questions about your daily activities, job responsibilities, and how your health condition affects your ability to perform certain tasks.

Duration of the examination

The length of the examination can vary based on its purpose and the complexity of your medical condition. Some IMEs may take an hour or more.

Professionalism and neutrality

The examiner will conduct the examination in a professional and neutral manner. They are typically independent and not involved in your ongoing medical care.

Feedback and

In some cases, the examiner may provide feedback on their initial findings. However, the formal report is usually generated after a thorough review of all information gathered during the examination.

Remember to approach the IME with honesty and openness, providing accurate information to ensure the assessment is as thorough and accurate as possible. If you have any specific questions or concerns, you can discuss them with the examiner during the process.

Please ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed prior to your appointment for the independent medical examination.

Having your documents ready in advance will help streamline the examination process and ensure that all necessary information is available to the medical examiner on the day of your appointment.